Thetford BV offers the end users of its products a three-year warranty. In the case of malfunction within the warranty period, Thetford will replace or repair the product. In this situation, the costs of replacement, labour costs for the replacement of defective components and/or the costs of the parts themselves will be paid for by Thetford.

Purchased spare parts and accessories carry a one-year warranty. Any fitting and/or labour costs are not covered by warranty.

  1. To submit a claim under this warranty, the user must take the product to an authorised Thetford Service Partner. The claim will be assessed there.
  2. Components replaced during repair under warranty become the property of Thetford.
  3. This warranty does not prejudice current consumer protection laws.
  4. This warranty is not valid in the case of products that are used for commercial purposes.
  5. Warranty claims falling into one of the following categories will not be honoured:
    • The product has been improperly used or the instructions in the manual have not been followed;
    • The product has not been installed in accordance with the instructions;
    • Modifications have been made to the product;
    • The product has been repaired but not by an authorised Thetford Service Partner;
    • The serial number or product code has been tampered with or removed;
    • The product has been damaged by misuse.

Please note:

– You can find the authorised Thetford Service Partners through our dealer locator on the website.

– When there is no authorised Service Partner in the country you are situated, contact one of our Thetford offices prior to any external assessment.

In these cases the Thetford office will determine the approach concerning repair or replacement of the product and the involved costs up-front. When this approach is not followed up, Thetford reserved the right to decline the warranty claim and related costs.

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